Leaflet evento Ultimo dia


31 October

Last day of the project

We leran about the 8 areas of the youthpass, later on we have the time to reflect about our learning and all the things that we wrote during all the days in our diary to create the youth pass.

When we finish we start with the evaluation of the project.

We have a target in teh table where we need to point depending if we like more or less.

We also choose a card that symbolize how we summarize our participation or feeling in the project.

We had also a questionary to evaluate all the things from the project.

In the afternoon we went to a big square to make a dissemination of the project, there we make some workshops for the kids and share some leaflets about the project.

Was great because was hallowen and all the people was dress and funny, we came back to the accommodation and continue the party


30 October

During the day we work on the preparation of the next day awareness.

We were divide in group where we each of us take  a theme of the project and create a poster of the theme.

We present this posters to the group.

After we have a brainstorming ideas for workshop that we want to do with the kids, we divide in group and work on materials and share the tasks.

We create also a brochure to disseminate the theme and to promote the project in the community.

In the night the Spanish team share with us some information about Spain, games, music and food.

29 October


During the morning we work in different group to know what is for us conscious consumer, we share our opinions and after that we create a common poster with all the results.

We also develop how will be the perfect consumer for us and share with the other.

In the afternoon we create a video for young people where we aware about to be a conscious consumer, was very funny and great results.

Later on we have small game to know about the compost, what is it and how to divide the things to create the right compost.

In the night we have the Italian intercultural night.